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Stream Transformer

Pass all elements of an array or a stream to transform, filter and add. Features include:

  • Extends the Node.js "stream.Transform" API.
  • Both synchrounous and asynchronous support based and user callback arguments signature.
  • Ability to skip data.
  • Sequential and concurrent execution using the "parallel" options.

Please look at the README, the samples and the tests for additional information.

stream = require 'stream'
util = require 'util'


Callback approach, for ease of use:

transform(handler, [options])

Stream API, for maximum of power:

transform(data, [options], handler, [options], [callback])

module.exports = ->
  options = {}
  for argument, i in arguments
    type = typeof argument
    if argument is null then type = 'null'
    else if type is 'object' and Array.isArray argument then type = 'array'
    if i is 0 
      if type is 'function'
        handler = argument
      else if type isnt null
        data = argument
    if type is 'object'
      for k, v of argument then options[k] = v
    else if type is 'function'
      if handler and i is arguments.length - 1
      then callback = argument
      else handler = argument
    else if type isnt 'null'
      throw new Error 'Invalid arguments'
  transform = new Transformer options, handler
  error = false
  if data
    process.nextTick ->
      for row in data
        break if error
        transform.write row
  if callback or options.consume
    result = []
    transform.on 'readable', ->
      while(r =
        result.push r if callback
    transform.on 'error', (err) ->
      error = true
      callback err if callback
    transform.on 'end', ->
      callback null, result if callback and not error


Options are documented here.

Transformer = (@options = {}, @transform) ->
  @options.objectMode = true
  @options.parallel ?= 100 @, @options
  @running = 0
  @started = 0
  @finished = 0

util.inherits Transformer, stream.Transform

module.exports.Transformer = Transformer

Transformer.prototype._transform = (chunk, encoding, cb) ->
  if @running < @options.parallel
    cb = null
    l = @transform.length
    l-- if @options.params?
    if l is 1 # sync
      @_done null, [, chunk, @options.params)], cb
    else if l is 2 # async
      callback = (err, chunks...) => @_done err, chunks, cb null, chunk, callback, @options.params
    else throw Error "Invalid handler arguments"
    return false
  catch err then @_done err

Transformer.prototype._flush = (cb) ->
  @_ending = ->
    cb() if @running is 0

Transformer.prototype._done = (err, chunks, cb) ->
  return @emit 'error', err if err
  for chunk in chunks
    chunk = "#{chunk}" if typeof chunk is 'number'
    @push chunk if chunk?
  cb() if cb
  @_ending() if @_ending