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Convert Google Sheets to LaTeX table
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Convert Google Sheets table to LaTeX

Small script to convert the selected area from a Google Sheets document to a LaTeX table.

What's supported:

  • Merged columns
  • Merged rows
  • Multi-row cells (newline within a cell)
  • Frequently used special characters


You can install it on the Sheets you are using, it's not a global add-on like the ones in the store:

  • Go to tools, Script Editor
  • Paste the content of the .js file into the editor
  • Save, close the editor
  • Select the range you want to convert
  • Click Add-ons / LaTeX Table / Selection to LaTeX table


In Google Sheets


Generated LaTeX code

& & \multicolumn{2}{c|}{multi column} & \\
& & col1 & col2 & col3 \\
& row1 & data1 & data4 & data7 \\
\multirow{2}{*}{multi row} & row2 & data2 & \begin{tabular}[c]{@{}l@{}}data5\\multiline cell\end{tabular} & data8 \\
& row3 & data3 & symbols work too \$ \textasciitilde \textbackslash \# & data9 \\

LaTeX visual


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