An example project using Neode
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Neode Example

This repository contains an example project using the Neode package for NodeJS.


The basic models are defined in the ./models directory. The models are all based on the Recommendations example in the Neo4j Sandbox.

General Workflow

A general workflow is mapped out in index.js. After creating a neode instance with the environment variables, the example goes through the flow of merging a Movie node based on the title, then creating and relating a set of Actors and a Director.

Watch or Not?

The rest of the repository outlines how to build a simple app using Neode. Using the same models defined above, Watch or Not will give you 10 movie choices within a category and based on an upvote or downvote. Based on the responses provided, the app will provide a recommendation based on the ratings of similar users.

Requests into the sever are handled by a simple express application, with templates served using the jade template engine.

The code is documented throughout. Head to server.js to get started.

Running the server

Firstly, copy the .env.example file to .env and update with the credentials for your Neo4j instance.

npm install
node server.js