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The mustache templating engine from the lwan http server written in C
C Smarty
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lwan - Mustache Templating

This is the mustache templating system as written for the lwan http server.

You can learn more about lwan at:

You can learn more about lwan's mustache implementation from the link below (note, the code in his blog is a little out-dated. Please see the example folder for an up-to-date example.):

The license is GNU GPL v2

##Usage Build the libraries and then run!

####Building the libraries

$ cd source
$ gcc -Wall -c *.c -O3
$ ar -cvq liblwanmustache.a *.o


$ gcc -I'/location-of-the-cloned-repo/source' -o lwan-mustache lwan-mustache.c '/location-of-the-cloned-repo/compiled/liblwanmustache.a'
$ ./lwan-mustache

To try for yourself, navigate to the example folder and enter the above commands into the command line.


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