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A non-working example of vue v2, vue-router and cordova
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vuejs, vue-router and cordova

This is a non-working example of vuejs, with vue-router and cordova. This style of app worked in vue v1 but is no longer working with vue v2.

The app will run with cd vue && npm run dev but will not run from the static files located at cordova/www after building with cd vue && npm run build


$ cd vue
$ npm install
$ npm run dev
$ ctrl + c
$ npm run build

After building, open cordova/www/index.html with your favorite webbrowser and the router component will not be present.


  1. This worked with vue and vue-router v1
  2. This works without using vue-router
  3. No errors get thrown, the portion of the app that is supposed to be shown with the router simply never shows.
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