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Code contributions

Contributor license agreement

When submitting a pull request for the first time, you will need to agree to the contributor license agreement (for individuals or entities). To do this, in the pull request please create a file with a name like /contributors/{github_username}.md, and in the content of that file indicate your agreement. An example of what that file should contain can be seen in adam-p's agreement file.

(This method of CLA "signing" is borrowed from Medium's open source project.)


We use Crowdin for crowd-sourced translation. If you visit the Markdown Here Crowdin project page you'll find that it's quite easy to contribute. Feel free to add new translations, improve existing ones, or even create new language categories.

If you do make any translation changes, or if you have any questions or problems, please post to the MDH Google Group or create a Github issue. (I can't figure out a way to get notified when translations are updated, so you'll have to let me know that there are new ones to integrate.)