Magento Live Templates for PHP Storm
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Magento Live Templates

##Installation Place Magento.xml in your PHPStorm live template directory. For more information see

####Windows Copy Magento.xml to <your home directory>\.<product name><version number>\config\templates


Copy Magento.xml to ~/Library/Preferences/WebIDE<version number>/templates


Copy Magento.xml to ~/.WebIDE<version number>/config/templates

Magento Live Templates

This config defines some live templates to speed up Magento development. To view the list of templates available for an open file simply use the shortcut CTRL + J (CMD + J on Mac).

The templates supports:

  • Config XML
  • Layout XML
  • Templates
  • Translation
  • Setup


mage::gch = <?php echo $this->getChildHtml('$VAR'); ?>

mage::__ = $this->__('$STRING');