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CrimsonHttp server for Dart


Loosely inspired upon sencha/connect for node.js

Status: Alpha

This code is alpha and might not be safe for production servers.



void main() {
  CrimsonHttpServer server = new CrimsonHttpServer();
  CrimsonModule sampleModule = new CrimsonModule(server);
                    .addEndpoint(new StaticFile("./test/public/"))
                    .addEndpoint(new StaticFile("./test/sandbox/"));
  server.modules["*"] = sampleModule;
  server.listen("", 8082);

Getting Started

Create a Dart project and add a pubspec.yaml file to it


and run pub install to install crimson (including its dependencies). Now add import



  • Lots, especially tidy up CookieSession and StaticFile, and add Route.
  • Please treat all of this as pre-alpha.
  • It's not secure in the slightest, and the StaticFile handler alone will probably allow users to browse your pc!


  • CookieSession: sets a sessioncookie - just ported at the moment and not yet tested. Treat as pre-alpha.


  • Favicon: Serves a favicon from either the default ./favicon.ico or ./public/favicon.ico, or some specified location.
  • StaticFile: serves static files from the path provided in the constructor. Simply appends the request.uri onto whatever path you provide in, and tries to load it. Very insecure.
  • Route: executes a dart method in resposne to matching a path + method, or a matching function