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#Zotero Workshop Documentation# This documentation is written as part of the Zotero trainer workshops conducted by Sebastian Karcher for Zotero and the Corporation for Digital Scholarship. I make this available in the hope that it will help to spread and support Zotero. You can use all of these materials freely, as long as you acknowledge where you got them from. However, you may under no circumstances use these materials to suggest in any way that any training you provide is endorsed by Zotero except when given explicit permission by Zotero or the Corporation for Digital Scholarship.

All documentation is written in pandoc enhanced markdown and can be converted into a range of desired formats using John MacFarlane's amazing pandoc. Contributions, corrections, and suggestions are welcome. Let me know if you are interested in collaborating more regularly and I'll give you write access to the git.


Documentation and Materials for the Zotero Workshops. Written in Pandoc enhanced Markdown.




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