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Cascadia Code + Nerd Fonts

Can we add Nerd Fonts to the Cascadia Code font using a GitHub Action?

Inspired by Scott Hanselman and Alistair Young.

The answer, it turns out, is yes.

I wrote a blog post with more details about how this works.

Actions Status

⚠ Cascadia is now part of Nerd Fonts' prepatched font repository. You can grab it there, and it is almost what you find as Delugia font here. There are some small differences, see below.

What is Nerd Fonts anyway?

Nerd Fonts takes popular programming fonts and adds a bunch of Glyphs. They include all the absolutely indispensable symbols all nerds need in their favorite fonts. Go to their repository or have a look at the overview.

Typically they come in two flavours:

  • Powerline (adds the symbols needed to have a basic Powerline and some more.)
  • Complete (adds even more Powerline symbols and all other symbols Nerd Fonts has collected.)

Powerline includes these symbols:

Complete includes these symbols additionally:

Which font faces are available

These three font versions are generated from Cascadia Code:

  • Delugia Powerline Basic powerline glyphs, monospaced font
  • Delugia Complete All Nerd Fonts glyphs, monospaced font
  • Delugia Book All Nerd Fonts glyphs, proportional font (not recommended for coding/console)

And the following two faces are generated from Cascadia Mono and don't have ligatures:

  • Delugia Mono Powerline Basic powerline glyphs, monospaced font
  • Delugia Mono Complete All Nerd Fonts glyphs, monospaced font

All of these are available in light, regular, and bold weights. Complemented by matching italic fonts.

How is Delugia special?

Compared with other patched versions of Cascadia you will find

  • Added symbol (0u26A1) used with some popular Powerline setups (for not 'Complete')

How to use

You can download the patched fonts from the Releases page of this repo and install them as you would any other font. Once installed the font can be referenced as Delugia *. So if, for example, you want to use it in Windows Terminal you should add the lines

                    "face": "Delugia"

to the corresponding profiles in your settings.json.

Installation with Chocolatey

You can install your preferred version, or versions, of Delugia using the standard Chocolatey incantations.

  • choco install nerd-fonts-delugiamono-powerline
  • choco install nerd-fonts-delugiabook
  • choco install nerd-fonts-delugiapowerline
  • choco install nerd-fonts-delugiacomplete
  • choco install nerd-fonts-delugiamono-complete

Installation with

You can use to install and update the font. At first install scoop and add extra bucket for nerd-fonts:

  1. iwr -useb | iex
  2. scoop bucket add nerd-fonts
  3. scoop install sudo
  4. One or more of
    • sudo scoop install Delugia-Nerd-Font
    • sudo scoop install Delugia-Nerd-Font-Complete
    • sudo scoop install Delugia-Mono-Nerd-Font
    • sudo scoop install Delugia-Mono-Nerd-Font-Complete
    • sudo scoop install Delugia-Nerd-Font-Book

Example for Delugia on the command line

Delugia Powerline


I know basically nothing about patching fonts so all contributions are 🦸‍ welcome.


The naming changed a bit when we added the light and bold fonts. To reduce the font name length the 'Nerd Font' has been dropped out of the (file) names. The actual naming scheme changed to accommodate the new fonts and for your convenience we pack fonts that one particular user might want to use together in a zip archive.