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An script to import Renderware (*.rwx) models to Blender 2.49b, inclusive of some ActiveWorlds Inc. rwx extensions
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License issues: 

Because the format of the example models doesn't allow a license comment, all
files associated with this script should be understood to have the license,
indicated in the file LICENSE, applied to them.

Also note that the license is based on the MIT license, but has a few extra 

General Information:

This software is for use with Blender 2.49, and is under development. It allows 
for RWX script based models to be imported to Blender for modification.  Some
commands not in use by Activeworlds, Inc.'s current Renderware system have been
ignored (JointTransformBegin and similar Joint* commands).

Should there be a need for these they can be added easily.
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