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; Prompt: Web-based programming application. 4 Aug 06.
(= appdir* "arc/apps/")
(defop prompt req
(let user (get-user req)
(if (admin user)
(prompt-page user)
(pr "Sorry."))))
(def prompt-page (user . msg)
(ensure-dir appdir*)
(ensure-dir (string appdir* user))
(prbold "Prompt")
(hspace 20)
(pr user " | ")
(link "logout")
(when msg (hspace 10) (apply pr msg))
(tag (table border 0 cellspacing 10)
(each app (dir (+ appdir* user))
(tr (td app)
(td (ulink user 'edit (edit-app user app)))
(td (ulink user 'run (run-app user app)))
(td (hspace 40)
(ulink user 'delete (rem-app user app))))))
(aform (fn (req)
(when-umatch user req
(aif (goodname (arg req "app"))
(edit-app user it)
(prompt-page user "Bad name."))))
(tab (row "name:" (input "app") (submit "create app"))))))
(def app-path (user app)
(and user app (+ appdir* user "/" app)))
(def read-app (user app)
(aand (app-path user app)
(file-exists it)
(readfile it)))
(def write-app (user app exprs)
(awhen (app-path user app)
(w/outfile o it
(each e exprs (write e o)))))
(def rem-app (user app)
(let file (app-path user app)
(if (file-exists file)
(do (rmfile (app-path user app))
(prompt-page user "Program " app " deleted."))
(prompt-page user "No such app."))))
(def edit-app (user app)
(pr "user: " user " app: " app)
(aform (fn (req)
(let u2 (get-user req)
(if (is u2 user)
(do (when (is (arg req "cmd") "save")
(write-app user app (readall (arg req "exprs"))))
(prompt-page user))
(login-page 'both nil
(fn (u ip) (prompt-page u))))))
(textarea "exprs" 10 82
(pprcode (read-app user app)))
(buts 'cmd "save" "cancel"))))
(def pprcode (exprs)
(each e exprs
(ppr e)
(pr "\n\n")))
(def view-app (user app)
(pr "user: " user " app: " app)
(tag xmp (pprcode (read-app user app)))))
(def run-app (user app)
(let exprs (read-app user app)
(if exprs
(on-err (fn (c) (pr "Error: " (details c)))
(fn () (map eval exprs)))
(prompt-page user "Error: No application " app " for user " user))))
(wipe repl-history*)
(defop repl req
(if (admin (get-user req))
(replpage req)
(pr "Sorry.")))
(def replpage (req)
(repl (readall (or (arg req "expr") "")) "repl")))
(def repl (exprs url)
(each expr exprs
(on-err (fn (c) (push (list expr c t) repl-history*))
(fn ()
(= that (eval expr) thatexpr expr)
(push (list expr that) repl-history*))))
(form url
(textarea "expr" 8 60)
(tag xmp
(each (expr val err) (firstn 20 repl-history*)
(pr "> ")
(ppr expr)
(prn (if err "Error: " "")
(ellipsize (tostring (write val)) 800)))))
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