DEPRECATED: Compiler for the Pre-Adamant language that will be used to bootstrap Adamant
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Deprecated Pre-Adamant Compiler

In order to bootstrap the Adamant compiler, a compiler for the Pre-Adamant language is being written in C#. The first version of the Adamant compiler will then be written in Pre-Adamant. Pre-Adamant is a simplified, reduced feature version of the Adamant language.

Project Status: Alpha Deprecated

This project should not be used. The current Adamant compiler is the "" project.

Download and Use

Clone this git repo and compile using Visual Studio 2015.

Pre-Adamant Language Features

The Pre-Adamant Language is a modified form of the Adamant 1.0 Language. The sections below describe the differences.

Undecided for Pre-Adamant

It is still undecided whether the following features of Adamant will be included in Pre-Adamant.

Feature Description
Operator Overloading
Overload Number of Parameters
Contract Parsing i.e. requires and ensures
Re-declaring Variable Bindings
params Keyword
unsafe Support

Excluded from Pre-Adamant

Descriptions in this section describe the behavior of Pre-Adamant with regards to the feature of Adamant.

Feature Description
Doc Comments Documentation comments are not distinguished from regular comments in any way.
Yield yield keyword used to easily write methods returning iterators is treated as a reserved word.
Bitwise Operations All bitwise operations on numbers are not supported, but the operators are reserved.
Partial Classes
Fixed Point Types All fixed*.* types are reserved words.
Decimal Types All decimal* types are reserved words.
128 Bit Types The types float128, int128 and uint128 are reserved words.
Overload Functions on Argument Types Functions can't be overload on the type of their arguments.
Type Inference Type inference is not done, all types must be fully simplified.
Ownership Inference Ownership inference is not done, all ownership/lifetimes must be fully simplified.
Contract Execution The requires and ensures contracts will not be enforced at compile time or runtime.
Constant Folding and Static Execution i.e. at compile time
unchecked Contexts unchecked is a reserved word.

Included in Pre-Adamant

Generally any feature of Adamant that isn't specifically excluded from Pre-Adamant is included. However, there are a few features that for various reasons it seems appropriate to call out as included in Pre-Adamant.

Feature Description
Reserved Words Any keyword of Adamant that is part of a feature that is excluded is a reserved word in Pre-Adamant.
Escaped Identifiers Identifiers escaped with a backtick