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The Adamant Programming Language Reference

Note: This is the new version of the reference. Sections are being moved from the old version to the new version. If something is missing, it may be documented in the old version.

  1. Introduction
  2. Lexical Structure
  3. Basic Concepts
  4. Types
  5. Conversions
  6. Expressions
  7. Statements
  8. Namespaces
  9. Functions
  10. Classes
  11. Structs
  12. Traits
  13. Enumerations
    • Enumeration Structs
    • Enumeration Classes
  14. Generics
  15. Exceptions
  16. Attributes
  17. Patterns
  18. Unsafe Code
  19. External Declarations
  20. Documentation Comments
  21. Standard Library
  22. Conventions
  23. Planned Features