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This program is a tool for crossword puzzle constructors, to help find words that become other words when a substring is added and/or removed. It can be used to find theme answers for so-called "algebraic crosswords".

It is a command line utility written in Python 2.x. If your system already has Python installed (such as Linux or Mac OS X), it can be ran out-of-the-box. If you do not have Python installed, Python can be obtained here. Make sure to download a version 2.x release, as this program is not compatible with version 3.x (though it can be made compatible with some trivial changes to the source code or with the 2to3 utility).

This program also requires a user-supplied word list. Most Linux and OS X systems ship with a reasonable word list located at /usr/share/dict/words. The word list should contain one word per line, but it need not be sorted.


First, open up a terminal window:

  • On Windows, open up Start > Run (or press Win+R) and type cmd
  • On Mac OS X, open up Applications/Utilities/Terminal.app
  • If you're running another operating system, you should be smart enough to figure out how to open up a terminal

Invoke the program as follows:

python algxword.py [optional arguments] WORDLIST FROM TO

where WORDLIST is the filename of the word list you wish to use, FROM is the search pattern you wish to replace, and TO is the pattern you wish to replace it with.

This will find all words in the file WORDLIST which would continue to be words when substituting the substring FROM for the substring TO. Only words which contain FROM in them are considered.

Both FROM and TO can be empty strings (which should be typed on the command line as an empty pair of quotes like ""). If FROM is the empty string, then TO is added at each position in the string to test for a word. If TO is the empty string, then the FROM string is simply deleted.

Ordinarily, only the first occurrence of FROM is replaced with TO. If the -a option is specified, then all occurrences of FROM are replaced with TO.

The --help option can also be specified to print out this usage information.


Find all words which remain words when substituting the first occurrence of qu for k in the word list /usr/share/dict/words:

python algxword.py /usr/share/dict/words qu k

Same as above, but replace all occurrences of qu for k

python algxword.py -a /usr/share/dict/words qu k

Find all words which can have an lax inserted in them

python algxword.py /usr/share/dict/words "" lax