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Looking for a technical leadership position in a startup in Tel Aviv
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profile.jpg CV & Goals Mar 17, 2019


My name is Adam Matan, and I am looking for a technical leadership role (Technical Team Lead, VP R&D or alike) in a growing startup in Tel Aviv.

Profile image - Adam Matan

What do I do?

I am a team leader, ex-CTO, Backend developer, and public speaker. I build end-to-end apps using modern cloud tools - from Docker containers to Serverless functions and Infrastructure as code (IaC) tools. I am a polyglot, but my favourite language is Python.

What do I bring to the table?

  • Team and Business: As former CTO and DevRel, I understand business goals and build productive communication between the dev team, company leadership, and customers. Experienced in working with developers and partners in the US.
  • Dev: Practical backend solutions using modern cloud tools - Serverless, AWS, Linux, Python and POSIX languages, and (NO)SQL DBs. GIS experience (PostGIS, GeoPy, QGIS etc.). I use Open-Source and Free Software to build robust products quickly. See my StackOverflow, Servefault, and GIS Stack exchange profiles.
  • Ops: Do it once, then twice, then automate! I use CI/CD building blocks - Jenkins, Ansible, AWS Lambda, Docker and others - to build robust pipelines that accelerate projects and make developers smile.

What am I looking for?

I am seeking a technical leadership position in a growing startup in Tel Aviv, with a positive impact on our world. Interacting with customers and product - a great plus.


DevRel and Developer at Binaris, CTO at Vioozer, IFS/BE Developer at Waze and Yahoo!.

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