A clone of Atari's 1979 hit, Asteroids (using Ruby and Gosu)
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A clone of Atari's 1979 hit, Asteroids.


  • Add session high score in the top/center

  • Add local high score list (3 initials + score)

  • Add blinking engine graphic

  • Add 3 asteroid breaking sounds (large is deep, medium less so, small not)

  • Add flying saucer (large and small)

  • Add additional Asteroids graphics (random choice on spawn)

  • Perhaps move from image to primitives…

  • Wait to spawn - don't spawn into an asteroid (use a box to determine)

  • Add ship explosion animation (breaking into vectors)

  • Add streaking (like the classic vector arcade)

  • Add pulsating projectile (much brighter than everything else, more exciting - classic arcade)

  • Make projectile life distance based rather than game loop time

  • Flickering engine graphic and sound

  • Add right and left aligned text (score/level/etc)

  • Make menus more appropriate to the original

  • Fix hitbox on player's ship - overlaps should not occur

  • Add music sounds that increase in frequency to induce tension in the player

  • Add command line option for screen resolution and windowed/fullscreen


  • Ariel H. Pillet - Refactorings, sounds, and more

  • Ben Scheirman - Game programming advice, improved hitboxes, particles v2, rotation (and fixes I've yet to merge)


Originally created to facilitate a Gosu training at the Lone Star Ruby Conference 2010 called Ruby Intrigue (presented by Intridea). The original class can be found here: github.com/intridea/ruby_intrigue