A zero-configuration dev server process manager + proxy for development in any language.
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poxy: a zero-configuration server manager for web development in any language

Poxy starts and stops your development servers in Python, Ruby, Node.js, or anything else that can be run from a shell script; on OS X, Linux, or any other platform where you can run Node.js and shell scripts.

Just drop a shell script that knows how to run your development server at ~/.poxy/mysite.dev. Poxy will start it up the first time you visit mysite.dev in a web browser, and shut it down automatically when you finish using it.


It's my intention to make this a one-step process, but for now:

Mac OS X

  1. npm install poxy
  2. sudo poxy install

Linux & Windows

You're on your own, for now. You'll need to:

  • Configure your computer to try to resolve queries ending with .dev with the DNS server running at (On Linux, it looks like this page might help.)
  • Forward port 80 on your machine to port 17699
  • Run poxy at login