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A simple utility to let you know if your London Underground services are running correctly
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Service Disruption

A little library to easily tell you when the Tube has problems


gem install service_disruption


$: service_disruption start

$: service_disruption stop

Extra arguments are: -- -i to change the polling time, defaults to once every 30 seconds

Alternatively if you'd like to see some pretty colours on your command line you can run

$: service_disruption status

That will tell you the current state of the tube network, you can also incude it as any other ruby library. It exposes the following API:

network =

network.lines # Array of lines
bakerloo = network.find_by_name('Bakerloo') # Line object

bakerloo.status # Status object

network.update! # Updates all of the lines status information if it has changed


Adam Carlile built this. Ping me on Twitter — @frozenproduce.

NOTE: Not to be used for mission critical service monitoring!

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