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Tool to decrypt Spark IM client saved passwords
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##Spark IM Password Decrypter

This is a simple tool to decrypt saved passwords used by the Spark IM client. Seeing as Spark if often deployed within companies, and integrates with Active Directory for authentication - the stored credentials can be quite valuable during a pentest.

This tool was written to demonstrate the inherent weakness in the Spark saved password feature - and thus this feature should not be used.


To gather passwords saved on a local system, just execute sparkim-passview.exe directly. For remote systems, just pass the workstation name - like this: sparkim-passview.exe wk01

When accessing remote systems, this application will attempt to use the remote administration share (C$), this will fail if you don't have access to this.


This is a .NET project, so thus requires the framework to be installed to work. To maximize compatibility, it's targeting the 2.0 framework.


This is a pentesting tool, as should only be used with proper authorization. Do not, ever, run this on a system you don't own, or have authorization to perform penetration tests against.

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