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+## Get Involved
+Contributions are more than welcome, so fork away! The basic scaffolding, however, is something I'd prefer to keep in place, unless there are massive holes in my setup :)
+_Have a lovely day!_
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-### Personalised biolerplates for web, email and node.js
+### Personalised biolerplates for web, email and node.js.
+This ain't no [H5BP]( Rather it's meant as a rapid, lightweight place from which to start a new project. Mostly everything I use in my daily workflow is included, with a few optimisations and useful helpers collected from around the web. Attributions are given where relevant/possible.
Tools used:
@@ -12,3 +14,5 @@ Tools used:
* Modernizr
+_This project will be supported **UNTIL THE END OF TIME**_

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