Atomic transaction aware signals for Django 1.6+
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django_atomic_dispatch - Atomic transaction aware signals for Django

Don't Use This Library

This library uses django-atomic-signals. Unfortunately that library is deprecated, and is a bit too hacky. There is plenty of extra description why on django-atomic-signals' README, and also on the similar library django-transaction-signals, by Django core developer Aymeric.

If you want a supported method of executing a signal dispatch only when the current transaction commits, then:

Both give examples so you are in good hands. In most cases you will just need to use a regular signal and make its send() happen inside a lambda that is passed to on_commit.

If your project is still using this library, please migrate. You will need to remove django-atomic-signals as well as django-atomic-dispatch.

The current version of django-atomic-dispatch, 2.0.0, simply errors upon import, directing you here.