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Sound Resynthesis with a Genetic Algorithm

This is my final year project from university, finished in June 2011. It implements a basic synthesizer that is tuned by a genetic algorithm to try and match a single-note wave file that it is given.

It's in Java, and I've lost the build scripts. However I can say it was built with these versions of its dependencies:

  • jgap version 3.5
  • minim version 2.1 beta
  • processing version unknown, probably the latest release from around the start of 2011
  • opencsv version 2.3

The main entry point is adj08/ but there are also some other utilities, e.g. to play back dumped javaobj files containing generated synthesizers, in adj08/tests/ and adj08/utilities.

There are some example resyntheses in demos - for example, oboe-original.wav is the wav file as given to the system, and oboe-resynthesis.wav is the same note played by the best matched synthesizer from the genetic algorithm.


🔈 Sound Resynthesis with a Genetic Algorithm - my final year project from university




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