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TODO AF - A todo list for the command line.
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A simple task manager for the command line, written in Python.

Install runs on python3. I usually install via brew (on macOS):

brew install python3

Once you have python, you'll need to touch a blank todo file, then tell where this file is. Create a config file in your home folder:

touch ~/.todo.cfg

Edit the file and enter something like the following:

todofile = ~/todo

You can add an alias to .bash_profile like so:

alias todo='$HOME/path/to/python3 $HOME/path/to/todo/'


The main commands are;

  • todo show your todo list.
  • todo add <your task here> add a task to the end of the list.
  • todo delete <task number> delete a task completely.
  • todo complete <task number> move a task to the archive.
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