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Visual Studio test adapter for Expecto

This adapter enable tests based on the Expecto F# test framework to show up in Visual Studio's Test Explorer window, and also in Visual Studio Online builds.

This was originally developed as the Fuchu Adapter.


If you're using paket:

  1. add nuget Expecto.VisualStudio.TestAdapter version_in_path: true to your paket.dependencies file
  2. add Expecto.VisualStudio.TestAdapter to your paket.references file in the Exe test project.
  3. run paket install, then in the same folder as your test executable project,

note: paket might generate a packages.config automatically for you. add it to your test exe project file.


If you are using NuGet package manager, just use NuGet to add Expecto.VisualStudio.TestAdapter to your Exe test project.


In both cases, Visual Studio should read the packages.config and detect the presense of the test adapter, and then will use it to populate the Test Explorer and run tests.