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Snag Jar Maven Plugin (snagjar-maven-plugin)

maven plugin info

Maven plugin written in Scala to allow installation and deployment of arbitrary jars into local and remote m2 repos based on embedded maven metadata.


To enable shorthand execution of the plugin from the command-line, you must add the groupId to your pluginGroups element in your maven settings.xml file:



The snagjar-maven-plugin provides 5 goals:

  • to-log: Prints the details of snagged artifacts to the maven log
  • to-deps: Generates a maven pom file containing a sorted list of unique captured artifacts as dependencies in a dependencyManagement element
  • to-local: Installs snagged artifacts to the local maven repository
  • to-remote: Deploys snagged artifacts to a remote maven repository
  • help: Prints a list of the plugin's goals and available parameters for each, though without javadoc-based documentation because the Mojos are written in Scala

To install all the jars in the current directory into the local maven repository:

mvn snagjar:to-local

To recursively scan the current directory for artifacts and generate a dependencyManagement section with all dependencies defined as having provided scope:

mvn snagjar:to-deps -Drecursive=true -Dscope=provided

To identify a single jar using the to-log mojo:

mvn snagjar:to-log -DsnagFile=someBundle.jar

To recursively scan a CQ installation directory for bundles and deploy them to a remote repo in order to populate it with project dependencies:

mvn snagjar:to-remote -DsnagFile=crx-quickstart -Drecursive=true -DrepositoryId=thirdparty -Durl=

To recursively scan a CQ installation directory and generate a dependencyManagement section that only includes proprietary libraries:

mvn snagjar:to-deps -Dfilter=com.* -Drecursive=true -DsnagFile=crx-quickstart -DdepsFile=C:/workspace/cq55platform/pom.xml


Maven plugin written in scala to allow installation of arbitrary jars into local and remote m2 repos




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