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Q: Something isn't working, but I'm not quite sure what it is.

A: Have you added each of the critical elements necessary for a working vltpack pom.xml?

Q: How do I get the plugin to install my package in CQ?

A: Set the supportITs property to true using a command-line property (-DsupportITs=true) or by activating an equivalent profile defined in your settings.xml. You may also add a <supportITs>true</supportITs> config parameter for the plugin in the build section of your pom.xml.

Q: What do integration tests have to do with installing my CQ package?

A: CQ Package plugins for maven have generally been designed to do two things:

  1. Create Packages
  2. Upload and Install Packages in CQ

Because of this limited focus, the goals for upload and installation of packages in CRX have usually been mapped to the install phase of the maven lifecycle, and often get executed after the package artifact has been intalled in the local maven repository. This naive design contributes to the difficulty of incorporating live integration test execution as a meaningful part of the content package artifact lifecycle. For example, shouldn't the installation and deployment of your artifact to any maven repository be dependent on it successfully passing all automated tests that have been written for it? If not, what is the point of having those tests, exactly?

Because enough tools exist for installation of CRX packages outside of a cohesive maven artifact lifecycle, this plugin was designed to fill the gap of "test-driven CRX package creation".

Q: Okay, fine. Whatever. How do I install my package without executing any integration tests?

A: That's easy enough to do. Set -DsupportITs=true and -DskipTests=true or -DskipITs=true. Your package will be uploaded to the configured IT server (default: localhost:4502) and the other integration test preparation goals will be skipped.

Q: Have any CQ projects actually used this plugin successfully?

A: The Award-Winning application, Recap, was built using this plugin.

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