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Dasher Ruby Client

This client allows you to easily update screen data for Dasher. You can use this gem to easily push new data to any of your Dasher screens with ease.


Just install the gem into your Gemfile to get started.

gem "dasher-ruby", "~> 1.0", :require => "dasher"


# Getting screen and square information
Dasher.client.screens       #=>   Returns an array of screens
Dasher.client.screen(1)     #=>   Return information about a given screen by ID

# You can update a specific property quickly by providing the path to the property
# you want to change. You should provide the ID (or path) to the square, the
# key of the property you want to change and the new value.
Dasher.client.update_property(2, "number", 4001)
Dasher.client.update_property("screen1.signups", "number", 4001)

# Updating lists is also easy. You provide the square ID (or path), an optional
# identifier allowing you to remove/edit this item again in the future and the
# properties for the list item.
Dasher.client.add_list_item(2, nil, {"text" => "Some properties", "color" => "red"})

# You can also provide a full new list of updates. Screens will automatically
# remove, add or edit items as appropriate. Any items without identifiers will
# be removed.
Dasher.client.replace_list(2, [
  {"identifier" => "A", {"text" => "Some example text on row A"}},
  {"identifier" => "B", {"text" => "Some example text on row B"}}

The Dasher.client instance is automatically configured to use the production Dasher endpoints and the key in the DASHER_TOKEN environment variable. You can create your own clients if you would like.

client = Dasher::Client.new(host, token, :port => 443, :ssl => true)
# etc...