A Ruby library for interrogating and formatting dates
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Datey is a relatively simple library to allow you to interrogate Ruby Date/Time objects in a nice manner to determine where the date appears in relation to today.


Just add this to your Gemfile and run bundle to install it.

gem "datey", "~> 1.0"



The formatter in Datey is designed to spit out a friendly looking date with some awareness of the current time. For example, the following are all styles of date which will be produced:

  • Today
  • Yesterday
  • Tomorrow
  • Last Wednesday
  • Next Friday
  • 23rd February
  • 14th November 2013

These can then be combined with the time too, if needed. When you include the time, it will either be outputted as 3pm or 3:30pm. If there are no minutes, it will simply not display them at all.

When creating the formatter, you should include an appropriate context as either :future or :past. The value you use here will depend on the page in which you are displaying these dates. For example, if you're displaying an activity feed you'd want to use past whereas if you're displaying a list of upcoming events, you might use :future.

date      = Time.new(2014, 10, 15, 3, 45)
formatter = Datey::Formatter.new(date, :future)
formatter.date            #=> "Today"
formatter.time            #=> "3:45am"
formatter.date_and_time   #=> "Today at 3:45am"

You can also disable capitalization if you'd prefer.

date      = Time.new(2014, 10, 15, 3, 45)
formatter = Datey::Formatter.new(date, :future)
formatter.date(:capitalize => false)            #=> "today"
formatter.date_and_time(:capitalize => false)   #=> "today at 3:45am"


The formatter makes use an Interrogator which looks at a given date and returns true or false values depending on "questions" you ask. As follows:

date          = Date.new(2014, 10, 16)
interrogator  = Datey::Interrogator.new(date)

# Once you have set up an interrogation instance, you can use any of the
# following methods which will all return true or false.
interrogator.last_week?         #=> Date occurs on any day in the week preceding the current week
interrogator.last_x_days?(7)    #=> Date occurs in the last X days
interrogator.next_x_days?(7)    #=> Date occurs in the next X days
interrogator.this_week?         #=> Date occurs in the current week (Sun -> Sat)
interrogator.next_week?         #=> Date occurs in the week following the current week


This library is sorely in need of a test suite. I will probably get around to adding one but if any fancying contributing, please do :)