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Param Auto Permit

This is a library to allow you to automatically allow permitted fields to be passed through to your models from forms without needing to list every accepted field in your controller.

You may be familiar with something like this:

User.create(params.require(:user).permit(:first_name, :last_name, :email_address, :password, :password_confirmation))

It's a bit of a pain to need to list every permitted attribute in your controller when you had already provided that data in your form. Plus, you may need to add additional logic to protect certain fields. Again, this logic was likely already present in your view so why duplicate in the controller?

Using this gem, you can simply do this and all the fields which were included in the your form will be securely permitted.


How does it work?

Whenever you build a form using the Rails form builder options (e.g using form_for), the gem maintains a list of included fields based on their labels. For example, when you insert a label tag, the gem adds the attribute name to a list.

When the form is finished (identified by the submit button), we take the list of attributes generated while building your form and turn them into a signed & encrypted string. This is secured using the same technique as used to store sessions in cookies in Rails. This string is when included as a hidden field and submitted with the form.

When this arrives back at the server, the string is decoded and turned back into an array of attributes which should be permitted.


Just add the gem to your Gemfile to get started.

gem "param_auto_permit", "~> 1.1"


It's really quite simple to get started.


Whenever you want to permit all the fields for a certain model, just use the auto_permit method and pass it your form ID (which, by default, is the name of the model which you are submitting).


You can also add any additional fields which are not included in the form if you need to.

params.require(:user).auto_permit('User', :password, :something_else)


The gem will identify which fields should be permitted based on the presence of a label. It also assumes that your submit button is at the end of your form. Here's an example form:

<%= form_for @user do |f| %>
    <dt><%= f.label :first_name %></dt>
    <dd><%= f.text_field :first_name %></dd>
    <dt><%= f.label :last_name %></dt>
    <dd><%= f.text_field :last_name %></dd>
  <p><%= f.submit %>
<% end %>

If you want to include a label which is not auto permitted, you can do this:

<%= f.label :secret_field, :auto_permit => false %>

A list of automatically permitted fields will be included after your submit tag by default (this is why it must be at the bottom of your form). If you don't wish to include this you can do this:

<%= f.submit :auto_permit => false %>

You can then include the field manually in any of your form.

<%= f.auto_permitted_attributes_field %>

If you want to manually set the form ID for the form. You can do this using the following two methods.

<%= f.submit :auto_permit => {:form_id => 'SomeOtherFormID'} %>
<%= f.auto_permitted_attributes_field :form_id => 'SomeOtherFormID' %>


Automatically permit attributes which are present in the sending form







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