Penner Easing Using CSS3 Animation Keyframes. SASS/Compass Extension.
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#Penner Easing Animation SASS/Compass Extension.

###Penner-style easing using CSS3 Animation Keyframes

This extension also requires Eric Meyer's Compass Animation Extension

###Nine mixins to generate cool easing effects using CSS animations:

  • @mixin ease-in-back-keyframes($values)
  • @mixin ease-out-back-keyframes($values)
  • @mixin ease-in-out-back-keyframes($values)
  • @mixin ease-in-bounce-keyframes($values)
  • @mixin ease-out-bounce-keyframes($values)
  • @mixin ease-in-out-bounce-keyframes($values)
  • @mixin ease-in-elastic-keyframes($values)
  • @mixin ease-out-elastic-keyframes($values)
  • @mixin ease-in-out-elastic-keyframes($values)

##Usage See Demo

@import "animation"; //
@import "compass-penner-easing";

@include keyframes(some-animation) {
   // pass in a list of start and end values to ease between
   // eg.
   // 0=>50
   // 300 =>100
   @include ease-in-out-elastic-keyframes( (0 50, 300 100) ){
   	// reference the global $_EASE variable on whatever properies you want animated
   	// (nth item value corresponds to the start and end values you pass in)

#myDiv {
   // reference animation use non-shorthand properties!
   @include animation-name(some-animation);
   @include animation-duration(1s);

More Demos