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CLI Bookstore

A node command line interface which a customer can buy books in the current inventory. A customer can see current inventory, price for each book, and current quantity. A total is displayed total and the current inventory is adjusted.

How To Use

To run the CLI Bookstore you must run the program customer.js in the command line of node. You will be shown the current inventory and current prices for each book. You then can add each item wanted to purchase to your cart. It will then ask if you would like to continue shopping or checkout.


Select help when prompted and the console will log information to inform or remind the user of acceptable arguments.

Install This Program

Clone this repository.

You must create API Keys from Spotify, Bands In Town, and OMDb.

Create a .env file in this format with your API Keys instead of where it says API Key. Spotify requires an ID key and a secret Key.

Open up your folder container the Storefront files in the command line. 'CTRL + `

Type 'npm install'

And then your file should be good to go. You can now type your arguments in to the command line.

Made by Adam Cromer, 2019.


Bookstore Front CLI - See current inventory and prices and add to your cart



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