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Workins - MERN App to create your own personalized workouts
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Kick A Coders present


Workins helps you organize exercises saved through Pinterest, fitness Coaches, or trainings you’ve created yourself that you enjoy and work well for your body.

Minimal equipment is used with Workins allowing you to easily squeeze exercise into your daily schedule and reach your overall fitness goals.

Enjoy exercising the way you like with Workins!

Technologies Used

This project uses a Node and Express Web Server backed by a Mongo Database using Mongoose. Both GET and POST routes are used for retrieving and adding new data. Workins is deployed using Heroku and MLab.

Project Tutorial

  1. Create an account.

  2. Add individual exercises.

  3. Create and save different workouts with the exercises you've added.

Project Team

This project was built by:

Team Member GitHub Profile Role
Adam Cromer @adamcromer Back-end
Chelsey Timmerman @chelstimm Front-end
Katie Sexton @fkakatie Both
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