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AWS CIS Benchmark Scanner

This scanner assesses your AWS Account for compliance with the CIS Benchmark for AWS. The content is using the Benchmark Version 1.0.0 - 02-29-2016.

Use the -r or -region flags to tell the scanner which region to use for non-commercial / generally available regions (such as GovCloud or China). All commercial regions (as of September 5, 2016) are supported. AWS US GovCloud (us-gov-west-1) region is supported as well. AWS China (Beijing - cn-north-1) is NOT yet supported (I have no way to test in CN region, and it's missing a few of the required services, such as MFA support). AWS C2S region is also unsupported (due to lack of support in SDK).

An example output file is included at report.html

Downloads are in the bin/ directory.

Examples: Screenshot


The scanner will use your ~/.aws/credentials and/or ~/.aws/config files for access keys automatically.

It will also respect environment variables/etc - it is built with the AWS SDK, so all of that should work. Examples:

username@host$ aws-cis-scanner > report.html


username@host$ aws-cis-scanner -r us-gov-west-1 > report.html

Permissions Required

This scanner requires the following (read only) API permissions: ###API Calls Used: ###IAM

  • iam.GenerateCredentialReport
  • iam.GetCredentialReport
  • iam.GetAccountPasswordPolicy
  • iam.ListUserPolicies
  • iam.ListAttachedUserPolicies

###Cloud Trail

  • ct.DescribeTrails
  • ct.GetTrailStatus


  • s3.GetBucketAcl
  • s3.GetBucketPolicy
  • s3.GetBucketLogging


  • cs.DescribeConfigurationRecorders


  • kms.ListKeys
  • kms.GetKeyRotationStatus

###Cloudwatch Logs

  • cwlogs.DescribeMetricFilters


  • sns.ListSubscriptionsByTopic

###Cloud Watch

  • cw.DescribeAlarmsForMetric


  • ec2.DescribeSecurityGroups
  • ec2.DescribeFlowLogs


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International Public License. The link to the license terms can be found at


This scanner currently features very little error checking or recovery, and works through checks linearly.

Please feel free to open issues (and include any output/stack trace), or submit PRs.

Finally, this was a project designed to help me learn the Go language, so, sorry if the code makes your eyes bleed, I'm sure it's highly non-idiomatic.

For more info, contact the author @ adam[at]