Plugin for MCT that allows users to pull data from remote JMX beans
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JMX Datasource for MCT

To build and install:
1. Unpack or check out MCT sources into some folder, $(MCT).
2. Build and install MCT with Maven
   2.1 cd $(MCT)/platform-assembly
   2.2 mvn install -DskipTests
3. Build and install jmx-datasource with Maven
   3.1 cd $(JMX_DATASOURCE)
   3.2 mvn install
4. Untar $(MCT)/platform-assembly/target/mct-platform-X.X.X-dist.tar.gz 
   into a build folder, $(BUILD).
5. (Optional) In $(BUILD)/mct-platform-X.X.X/resources/plugins,
   remove exampleplugin-X.X.X.jar
6. Copy $(JMX_DATASOURCE)/target/jmxmon-X.X.X.jar to
7. Follow MCT instructions for setting up a database
   using $(BUILD/mct-platform-X.X.X as the installation directory

Once MCT is configured and launched, set up a feed:
1. Enter JVM information
   1.1 Right-click on My Sandbox, select Create > JVM, and name it
   1.2 Select the JVM if it is not already selected
   1.3 Enter the JMX URL for the connection and click Save
2. Enter the MBean information
   2.1 Right-click on My Sandbox, select Create > MBean Descriptor, and 
       name it
   2.2 Select the MBean Descriptor if it is not already selected
   2.3 Enter the object name of the MBean as well as the name of the
       attribute to poll, and click Save
3. Set up the feed
   3.1 Right-click on My Sandbox, select Create > JMX Feed, and name it
   3.2 In the directory tree, drag the JVM and MBean Descriptor onto the
       JMX Feed to make them children.  They will not disappear from
       their original places in the tree.
4. Right-click on the JMX Feed and select Activate JMX Feed(s)

Data should soon appear in the Plot tab, in the Inspector panel.
Only step 4 needs to be repeated the next time MCT is launched.