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/* buffer2.h */
/* Copyright 1995 by Steve Kirkendall */
/* Ideally, these function would have been declared in buffer.h, but since
* their arguments are MARKs, they had to be declared after the MARK data type
* is declared in mark.h, but mark.h can only be included after buffer.h...
* so these functions' declarations had to go into their own separate file.
extern ELVBOOL bufread P_((MARK mark, char *rname));
extern ELVBOOL bufwrite P_((MARK from, MARK to, char *wname, ELVBOOL force));
extern void bufwilldo P_((MARK cursor, ELVBOOL will));
extern long bufundo P_((MARK cursor, long back));
extern void bufreplace P_((MARK from, MARK to, CHAR *newp, long newlen));
extern void bufpaste P_((MARK dst, MARK from, MARK to));
extern CHAR *bufmemory P_((MARK from, MARK to));
/* This is used to store information needed to restore MARKs for an "undo" */
struct umark_s
MARK mark; /* pointer to POSSIBLY FREED mark */
long offset; /* offset of that mark, before a change */