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/* lp.h */
/* Copyright 1995 by Steve Kirkendall */
typedef struct
char *name; /* printer type, e.g. "epson" */
int minorno; /* value to pass to `before' */
ELVBOOL spooled; /* uses lpout spooler */
void (*before) P_((int minorno, void (*draw)(_CHAR_ ch)));/* called before print job */
void (*fontch) P_((_char_ font, _CHAR_ ch)); /* output a single char */
void (*page) P_((int linesleft)); /* called at end of each page */
void (*after) P_((int linesleft)); /* called at end of print job */
extern unsigned char *lpfg P_((_char_ fontcode));
extern char *lpoptfield P_((char *field, char *dflt));
extern RESULT lp P_((WINDOW win, MARK top, MARK bottom, ELVBOOL force));
extern LPTYPE lpepson, lppana, lpibm, lphp, lpdumb, lpansi, lphtml;
extern LPTYPE lpcr, lpbs;
extern LPTYPE lpps, lpps2;
#ifdef GUI_WIN32
extern LPTYPE lpwindows;
#endif /* FEATURE_LPR */