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/* opsys.h */
/* Copyright 1995 by Steve Kirkendall */
typedef enum
DIR_INVALID, /* malformed filename (can't happen with UNIX) */
DIR_BADPATH, /* unable to check file */
DIR_NOTFILE, /* file exists but is neither normal nor directory */
DIR_DIRECTORY, /* file is a directory */
DIR_NEW, /* file doesn't exist yet */
DIR_UNREADABLE, /* file exists but is unreadable */
DIR_READONLY, /* file is readable but not writable */
DIR_READWRITE /* file is readable and writable. */
extern ELVBOOL blkopen P_((ELVBOOL force, BLK *buf));
extern void blkclose P_((BLK *buf));
extern void blkwrite P_((BLK *buf, _BLKNO_ blkno));
extern void blkread P_((BLK *buf, _BLKNO_ blkno));
extern void blksync P_((void));
extern char *dirfirst P_((char *wildexpr, ELVBOOL ispartial));
extern char *dirnext P_((void));
extern ELVBOOL diriswild P_((char *wildexpr));
extern ELVBOOL dirwildcmp P_((char *fname, char *wild));
extern DIRPERM dirperm P_((char *filename));
extern char *dirdir P_((char *pathname));
extern char *dirfile P_((char *pathname));
extern char *dirtime P_((char *filename));
extern char *dirpath P_((char *dir, char *file));
extern char *dircwd P_((void));
extern ELVBOOL dirchdir P_((char *pathname));
extern ELVBOOL prgopen P_((char *command, ELVBOOL willwrite, ELVBOOL willread));
extern int prgwrite P_((CHAR *buf, int nbytes));
extern ELVBOOL prggo P_((void));
extern int prgread P_((CHAR *buf, int nbytes));
extern int prgclose P_((void));
extern int txtopen P_((char *filename, _char_ rwa, ELVBOOL binary));
extern void txtclose P_((void));
extern int txtwrite P_((CHAR *buf, int nbytes));
extern int txtread P_((CHAR *buf, int nbytes));
#if defined(PROTOCOL_HTTP) || defined(PROTOCOL_FTP)
typedef struct
int fd; /* file descriptor of a socket to read from */
int left; /* number of chars used from buf */
int right; /* total number of chars in buf */
char buf[4096]; /* buffer */
} sockbuf_t;
#define netbuffer(sb) ((sb)->buf + (sb)->left)
#define netbytes(sb) ((sb)->right - (sb)->left)
#define netconsume(sb, n) ((sb)->left += (n))
sockbuf_t *netconnect P_((char *site_port, unsigned int defport));
void netdisconnect P_((sockbuf_t *sb));
ELVBOOL netread P_((sockbuf_t *sb));
char *netgetline P_((sockbuf_t *sb));
ELVBOOL netwrite P_((sockbuf_t *sb, char *data, int len));
ELVBOOL netputline P_((sockbuf_t *sb, char *command, char *arg1, char *arg2));
char *netself P_((void));
#ifdef OSINIT
extern void osinit P_((char *argv0));
extern char *expanduserhome P_((char *pathname, char *dest));