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/* screen.h */
/* This structure stores information about a strip of rectangles within a
* screen. Each STRIP is either horizontal or vertical. Horizontal STRIPS
* contain either a single WINDOW, or an array of vertical STRIPs; Vertical
* strips contain either a single WINDOW or an array of horizontal STRIPs.
* Each screen contains a single top-level strip. A flag in the SCREEN
* structure indicates whether that strip is horizontal or vertical.
* The orientation of any subSTRIPs is implied from this.
typedef struct strip_s
long width, height; /* size of the strip, as a whole */
long x, y; /* position of the strip within screen */
WINDOW window; /* window, or NULL if strip of windows */
struct strip_s *sub[1]; /* array of subwindows */
/* This is the structure of a SCREEN */
typedef struct screen_s
struct screen_s *next; /* some other screen, or NULL */
GUISCR *guiscr; /* GUI's screen identifier */
STRIP contents; /* list of windows in the screen */
ELVBOOL horizontal; /* is "contents" horizontally tiled? */
WINDOW active; /* most recent active window in screen */
OPTVAL screenwidth; /* in pixels */
OPTVAL screenheight; /* in pixels */
#define o_screenwidth(scr) (scr)->screenwidth.value.number
#define o_screenheight(scr) (scr)->screenheight.value.number
extern void screencreate P_((GUISCR *guiscr, int width, int height));
extern void screendestroy P_((GUISCR *guiscr));
extern void screenfocus P_((GUISCR *guiscr));
extern void screenkey P_((GUISCR *guiscr, _CHAR_ key));
extern void screenmouse P_((GUISCR *guiscr, int x, int y, int what));