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/* tag.h */
/* maximum number of attributes */
#define MAXATTR 10
/* The indicies of the standard fields */
#define TAGNAME attr[0]
#define TAGFILE attr[1]
#define TAGADDR attr[2]
/* values of a single tag */
typedef struct tag_s
struct tag_s *next; /* next tag in sorted order, or NULL */
struct tag_s *bighop;/* some other tag, or NULL */
long match; /* likelyhood that this is desired tag */
char *attr[MAXATTR]; /* other attribute values; see tagattrname[] for names */
} TAG;
#if 0
/* Stuff normally defined in elvis.h, but elvis.h might not be included */
# ifndef QTY
# include <stdio.h>
typedef enum {ElvFalse, ElvTrue} ELVBOOL;
# define P_(args) args
# endif
extern char *tagattrname[MAXATTR];
extern TAG *taglist;
extern ELVBOOL tagforward;
extern void tagnamereset P_((void));
extern TAG *tagdup P_((TAG *tag));
extern ELVBOOL tagattr P_((TAG *tag, char *name, char *value));
extern TAG *tagfree P_((TAG *tag));
extern void tagdelete P_((ELVBOOL all));
extern void tagadd P_((TAG *tag));
extern TAG *tagparse P_((char *line));