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/* version.h */
/* Copyright 1996-2001 by Steve Kirkendall */
/* Some other places where the version number resides:
*, search for "VERSION="
* README.html, search for the actual version number
#define VERSION "2.2.1-prerelease"
#define COPY1 "Copyright (c) 1995-2003 by Steve Kirkendall"
#if 1
# define COPY2 "Permission is granted to redistribute the source or binaries under the terms of"
# define COPY3 "of the Perl `Clarified Artistic License', as described in the doc/license.html"
# define COPY4 "file. In particular, unmodified versions can be freely redistributed."
# define COPY5 "Elvis is offered with no warranty, to the extent permitted by law."
# define COPY2 "This version of elvis is intended to be used only by its developers"