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/* window.h */
/* Copyright 1995 by Steve Kirkendall */
typedef struct window_s
struct window_s *next; /* some other window */
GUIWIN *gw; /* guiwin associated with this window */
MARK cursor; /* main buffer & cursor's offset in it */
MARK prevcursor; /* previous position where <'><'> goes */
DISPMODE *md; /* display mode */
DMINFO *mi; /* mode-dependent info */
DRAWINFO *di; /* drawing info */
STATE *state; /* stack of keystroke processing states */
MARK seltop; /* start of selected text, or NULL */
MARK selbottom; /* end of selected text, or NULL */
long selleft; /* left column limit for marking (0 for any) */
long selright; /* right column limit (INFINITY for any) */
long selorigcol; /* column where cursor was when marking began */
ELVBOOL selattop; /* boolean: does seltop follow cursor? (else selbottom does) */
CHAR seltype; /* 'c'=character, 'l'=line, 'r'=rectangle */
CHAR cmdchars[7]; /* up to six characters of a command */
int defaultfont; /* font to combine with "normal" */
long fgcolor; /* foreground color of previous defaultfont */
long bgcolor; /* background color of previous defaultfont */
long match; /* offset of matching parenthesis, for showmatch */
long matchend; /* offset of ending, for ax/ix showmatch */
long wantcol; /* column where cursor wants to be */
int cursx, cursy; /* cursor position on window */
char *modename; /* current mode, for "showmode" */
MARK origin; /* where the cursor was when tag was followed */
char *display; /* name of display mode of origin buffer */
CHAR *prevtag; /* dynamically alloc'ed copy of prev tag name */
} tagstack[TAGSTK];/* array used for storing tag stack */
long hlfrom, hlto; /* limits of highlighted region */
struct { /* details of highlighting */
long from;
long to;
int font;
} hlinfo[30]; /* "30" corresponds to maximum hllayers value */
OPTVAL *guivals; /* GUI option values */
OPTVAL windowid; /* unique number to identify this window */
OPTVAL columns; /* number of columns */
OPTVAL lines; /* number of rows */
OPTVAL list; /* show tabs and EOL? */
OPTVAL display; /* display mode */
OPTVAL number; /* show line numbers? */
OPTVAL ruler; /* show ruler? */
OPTVAL scroll; /* scroll amount for ^D/^U */
OPTVAL showmatch; /* show word wrap? */
OPTVAL showmode; /* show command mode? */
OPTVAL wrap; /* wrap long lines? (else scroll sideways) */
OPTVAL sidescroll; /* scroll size when scrolling sideways */
OPTVAL wrapmargin; /* word wrap margin */
OPTVAL hasfocus; /* this window currently has input focus? */
OPTVAL folding; /* is folding visible in this window? */
OPTVAL hllayers; /* number of textobject layers to highlight */
OPTVAL eventcounter; /* most recent input event for this window */
OPTVAL ww; /* generic window option */
#define o_windowid(win) ((win)->windowid.value.number)
#define o_columns(win) ((win)->columns.value.number)
#define o_lines(win) ((win)->lines.value.number)
#define o_list(win) ((win)->list.value.boolean)
#define o_display(win) ((win)->display.value.string)
#define o_number(win) ((win)->number.value.boolean)
#define o_ruler(win) ((win)->ruler.value.boolean)
#define o_scroll(win) ((win)->scroll.value.number)
#define o_showmatch(win) ((win)->showmatch.value.boolean)
#define o_showmode(win) ((win)->showmode.value.boolean)
#define o_wrap(win) ((win)->wrap.value.boolean)
#define o_sidescroll(win) ((win)->sidescroll.value.number)
#define o_wrapmargin(win) use_o_textwidth_instead
#define o_hasfocus(win) ((win)->hasfocus.value.boolean)
#define o_folding(win) ((win)->folding.value.boolean)
#define o_hllayers(win) ((win)->hllayers.value.number)
#define o_eventcounter(win) ((win)->eventcounter.value.number)
#define o_ww(win) ((win)->ww.value.string)
extern void wininit P_((void));
extern WINDOW winalloc P_((GUIWIN *gw, OPTVAL *gvals, BUFFER buf, long rows, long columns));
extern void winfree P_((WINDOW win, ELVBOOL force));
extern void winresize P_((WINDOW win, long rows, long columns));
extern void winoptions P_((WINDOW win));
extern int wincount P_((BUFFER buf));
extern void winchgbuf P_((WINDOW win, BUFFER newbuf, ELVBOOL force));
extern WINDOW winofbuf P_((WINDOW win, BUFFER buf));
extern WINDOW winofgw P_((GUIWIN *gw));
extern WINDOW windows;
extern WINDOW windefault;