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The Gnome/GTK+ GUI extension to Elvis is being written by David Alan Gilbert
(elvis@treblig.org). It is very much in it's development stages!

1) Intro

GNOME is a user interface being developed for use primarily on Un*x systems
It is pretty, highly configurable and powerful.  See http://www.gnome.org
for details of it and how you can contribute.

The GNOME/Elvis front end is my first project written using the GNOME/GTK
libraries and I'd appreciate any constructive comments, suggestions or
thoughts on the way I have coded it or on the way the user interface works.

2) Building

Run the elvis configuration program and as long as the GNOME configuration
scripts are in your path it should pick it up. You'll also need the libglade 
libraries which should be included with recent GNOME distributions.

3) Configuring

In lib/elvis.gnome is the configuration file which is loaded at startup.
It configures the menus and toolbar.  The actions of menus and toolbars
is fully configurable and can cause dialog boxes (defined using the Glade
user interface designer in lib/elvis.glade) to appear.

{ wibble some notes on the format of the substitution strings for
dialog actions when they settle down }

set defaultrows=number
set defaultcols=number

3.1) -client

This version of the Gnome Elvis front end has added a CORBA mechanism which allows
you to do elvis -client file   to open the file in an exhisting instance of the editor
resulting in faster start up times.

For this to work you need to create the file 'IDL:Elvis:ElvisPrivate:1.0.gnorba'
somewhere in the paths that Gnomes GNORBA mechanism can pick up; you should be able to
put it in /etc/CORBA/servers on some systems.  Or put in a directory of your choice
and then set the appropriate paths to pick it up.  Once done

elvis -client 

should work.

3.2) Features

You can drag and drop files from the gnome file manager onto Elvis and it loads.

n) Stuff to add/fix/think about

  OK except that on a colour change the display requires a scroll up/down to be fixed
  (timing problems with relation of when zv processes the palette change and when it chose the palette entry?)
  (Also seems to loose colours after mouse selection?)

Click & drag with mouse - need word/line based accel
Click & drag - messes up after extension with 3rd button

Drag/drop save?

Finish menu dialogue interactions
Autoclosing dialogue boxes (e.g. 'About') won't reopen - or close with window manager

Make yes/no confirm more obvious on search/replace

install icon etc on gnome menu

history on gnome_entry's a bit dodgy (storing two copies??)

seg on corba edit -> close -> corba edit