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Server Resizing Images

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Server resizing images refers to altering the physical dimensions of an image on the server and responding to the client with the different sized image. This is usually done by including the desired dimensions of an image directly inside the request URL of the image. Once the server receives the request for the image, its able to resize the image according to the provided dimension in the URL. More info at Image server from Wikipedia.

There is no standard format to do this or any standard code that works across all servers. However, resizing images on the server is nothing new, most (if not all) server-side languages have the ability to take an image and dynamically resize it. Depending on which platform used, such as php, java, .net, python, ruby, etc., each one has their own way to complete the task, but the overall concept is the same.

Below is just a small sample of resources for dynamic image resizing. Please feel free to contribute any other links which may be useful to others:

Content Delivery Networks (CDN):

Some content delivery networks already come with image resizing capabilities. If you know of any other please add them to the list.

Content Management Systems (CMS):

Some of the common content management systems have some sort of plugin already available. Below isn't by any means the all encompassing guide to CMS image resizing, but offers a few links for well known systems. If you have any additional resources please feel free to add them.

Image Server Resources:

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