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Random conversation with an AI bot in javascript.
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Random conversation with an AI bot in javascript.

Known Issues
	- javascript:send_message('Omegle', 'hi');
	- Empty messages
Build a sentence based off of a "score" for the words,
 hey, how are you?
 wow, this pizza tastes great!!!!
 fuck, not another accident!!!
 the ball is hella big!
!(!+), ?(?+)
^^ Change the score when more are added

CONTEXT: context will be very important, if a swear word
is used it could given a -3 score when the user wanted a +2.

Try to guess (or pseudorandomly) at the word to say back, if 
the user uses [a] word(s) many times then use that word back, 
or decide not to.

Should the bot match the score that it's given, or could you allow
for a +/-1 difference. (Then if the response seems positive (relative
to the input (aka. the user keeps on talking at that same tone/score) 
adjust to be more negative or positive.)

What would happen if the bot just said sentences that don't relate to 
the input, if a user talks back with relation to that topic (same subjects)
then keep going in that path.

The bot should stay on subject with the input, if the subject changes then 
should the bot switch to that or try to mix in both subjects?

Check if words are repeated, and if they're negative words then be extremly 
negative or if they're positive then be extremly positive.