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Enemy of the State: A State-Aware Black-Box Web Vulnerability Scanner

This novel black-box web vulnerability scanner attempts to infer the state machine of the web application.

It was first used for the paper Enemy of the State: A State-Aware Black-Box Web Vulnerability Scanner.

Important Note

The code is proof-of-concept and demonstrates state machine inference of a web application.

It possibly contains lots of bugs and is terrible written. Reader beware.


The frontend crawler is htmlunit 2.8. However, we had to patch htmlunit to include functionality. I believe it was the ability to click a link without executing JavaScript.

Anyway, there are two was of interfacing the java/htmlunit crawler to the python backend.

jcc and jython

For our experiments we used jython and the corresponding jython branch because jcc was having out-of-memory issues. But I'll leave the two ways of installing/running here.

How to Run

As mentioned above, understand that there are two ways of running the crawler: jcc and jython.

The git master branch is for jcc and the jython branch is for jython.


Note that I haven't run the scanner in this mode in a while, so these may be wrong.

  • Install the correct python egg in jcc_eggs. (If there isn't one available for your platform, let me know and I'll try to add one.)

  • python ""


  • Packages to install

Here are the ubuntu packages to install: openjdk-7-jre-headless jython

  • Important note

Your java version must be OpenJDK IcedTea >= 2.3.12 and Jython >= 2.5.2.

The jython version does not work in Ubuntu 12.04. However, it does work in Ubuntu 13.10. I'm not sure why it doesn't work, and at this point it's not worth spending the time to investigate further.

  • Switch to the jython git branch git checkout jython

  • Run the following command to tell jython to use the following htmlunit jars:

    export JYTHONPATH=./lib/apache-mime4j-0.6.jar:./lib/commons-codec-1.4.jar:./lib/commons-collections-3.2.1.jar:./lib/commons-io-1.4.jar:./lib/commons-lang-2.4.jar:./lib/commons-logging-1.1.1.jar:./lib/cssparser-0.9.5.jar:./lib/htmlunit-2.8.jar:./lib/htmlunit-core-js-2.8.jar:./lib/httpclient-4.0.1.jar:./lib/httpcore-4.0.1.jar:./lib/httpmime-4.0.1.jar:./lib/nekohtml-1.9.14.jar:./lib/sac-1.3.jar:./lib/serializer-2.7.1.jar:./lib/xalan-2.7.1.jar:./lib/xercesImpl-2.9.1.jar:./lib/xml-apis-1.3.04.jar

  • jython ""

Additional Commandline Options

  • -F - Do not fuzz the application.

  • -R - Command to reset the given web application to the initial state.

  • -D - Debug level logging.

  • -l - Logfile. Otherwise it's stdout.

  • -s - Write state graph.

  • -d - Directory to dump all the HTTP requests and responses. Can take up a lot of space.


The fuzzing components are taken from w3af.


This novel black-box web vulnerability scanner attempts to infer the state machine of the web application.







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