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<!DOCTYPE html>
The purpose of this file is to be a lightweight landing page for standard
forms that will redirect to the JS searcher using a #!term thing.
Since the JS searcher is a heavyweight page (it includes the search index
inline so it doesn't have to XHR, which would break on file:// urls), we
want it to be cached. Normal ?query urls would bust the cache. I don't mind
busting the cache on this little file, but we really want to avoid that on
the big index file.
Hence, the redirect hack.
location.href = "search-results.html#!" +"?searchTerm=".length);
<p>The "offline" searcher requires Javascript.</p>
<p>To get search without JS, build the `locate.d` file (see the adrdox makefile) and use it as a CGI program on a regular web server, or build with -version=embedded_httpd to embed its own server and run that.</p>
<p>Then, configure the server to call that script instead of loading this file, or change your skeleton.html search form action to point to it.</p>
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