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This is to help you make COM servers and clients. See the example for a hello world thing.

You need the Win32 API bindings. Fetch from here:

You attach GUIDs to the interfaces and classes. There's a mixin for IDispatch, which makes your object usable from things like WSH (e.g. JScript) or other script languages.

You can compile the DLL and register in the registry or use manifests. Self registration functions are in, or you can use regsvr32 from the Windows command line. See the Microsoft docs for more info.

TODO: * make interfaces as easy to use as we reasonably can I think mission accomplished here!

* do more auto-wrapping of D stuff so you can write it in the
D style but still get a standard COM object. like exceptions and stuff.

* support IDispatch clients in cases where we don't have the static

* make sure it doesn't suck

* Remove the dependency on external Win32 bindings if that is reasonable