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Toggle Developer Plugins on WordPress Sites

This example will show how you can automatically activate and deactivate plugins based on environment on deploy. This will ease development and potentially improve performance on Live.


Setting up this example is easy:

  1. Add the wp_toggle_dev_plugins.php to the private/scripts directory of your code repository.
  2. Add a Quicksilver operation to your pantheon.yml to fire the script a deploy.
  3. Test a deploy out!

Optionally, you may want to use the terminus workflow:watch command to get immediate debugging feedback.

Example pantheon.yml

Here's an example of what your pantheon.yml would look like if this were the only Quicksilver operation you wanted to use:

api_version: 1

      # Toggle developer plugins
      - type: webphp 
        description: Toggle developer plugins
        script: private/scripts/wp_toggle_dev_plugins.php