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Interactive 3d Rubik's Cube in Java. Made with LWJGL 3.
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A 3d and interactive Rubik's Cube made in Java. Uses lwjgl 3.

Launching Instructions

If launching jar on Mac, run as “java -XstartOnFirstThread -jar rubiks-cube.jar”. Will incur a NPE during cleanup if not launched properly. Standard -jar launch will work on Windows.


Rotate entire cube:

W/A/S/D for Up/Down/Left/Right Q + E for roll

Rotate cube pieces:

I/K/J/L for Up/Down/Left/Right

U + O for Roll

Arrow keys move Camara. Press space to reset.

Z + X Raise and lower the Camara

N + B adjust viewing angle left/right.

F + V adjust viewing angle up/down.

Y toggles wireframe

H toggles culling

Left Shift toggles slow camera

Escape to quit

Thanks, and have fun


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